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Nantucket Pinwheel

TOTAL $89.95
  • Kosher Meat
  • Lactose Free

2 Bite Mini Wraps

Small serves 4-6, choose 3 from options below
Medium serves 7-9, choose 3 from options below
Large serves 10-12, choose 4 from options below

• Roast turkey breast with sliced avocado, baby
spinach and roasted red pepper aioli
• Prime cut slow roasted beef, garlic aioli,
arugula, pickles and Spanish romesco
• Smoked turkey, sweet potato chips, tomatoes
and arugula with chipotle dressing
• Grilled chicken, pesto, tomato and
baby spinach with lemon herb aioli
• Garbanzo beans, walnuts, cranberries,
celery, and scallions tossed with a
tahini vinaigrette
• Honey-drizzled roasted sweet potatoes,
sliced Gala apples and lettuce with honey
mustard poppy seed aioli

Available after 10:00am only

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